The Truth about HCG Weight Loss

HCG weight loss is now considered as one of the most effective ways on how to get rid excessive body fats. Today, there are a lot of weight loss programs and methods that claim to deliver the best results. However, most of thesefatlossmethods can onlycausepeoplewho are suffering from weightissues to waste a fortune. These ineffective weight loss programs can only the water content in your body and not the excess fat itself. These methods fail to get rid of fat cells that are mainly the cause of excessive weight. Excess fat cells can also be the primary causes of different diseases and various health conditions.

What is HCG? This is probably the question that pops out of your mind every time you hear the term HCG weight loss. HCG is the shortened version of the term Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone that the syncytiotrophoblast produces. This hormone is present in the body of both men and women.

However, this hormone increases in amount when a woman is pregnant. It is a component of the fertilized egg cell produced after a woman conceives a child. This particular hormone has been studied by specialists and weight loss experts. After conducting these researches, they were able to develop a weight loss method in the form of a diet plan.

Dr. ATW Simeons is a British Physician who was able to create the first HCG diet plan in 1950. He discovered that a combination of a HCG hormone injection with a low calorie diet can actually help patients lose a significant amount of body weight. With the help of the HCG diet plan, patients will lose weight without even experiencing the common signs and symptoms associated with quick weight loss methods using various diet plans.

HCG diet is the latest buzz that is getting more and more popular in the community of weight loss as the days pass by. Men and women who are suffering from weight loss problems can benefit a lot from this latest trend in dieting. Basically, this hormone is taken in by both men and women in the form of HCG weight loss drops or via injection. HCG diet is thought to be an efficient and safe method that helps individuals in losing excessive body fats. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of weight loss reviews that prove that this diet plan is truly effective. A lot of dieters are happy and satisfied with the results they achieved with the help of the HCG diet program.

There are many dieters who claim to lose up to 1 pound every day. This amount of lost weight is considered as significant in the world of weight loss. This is truly a promising breakthrough in the weight loss community that weight issue sufferers have been waiting for. If you are struggling with managing your weight and you have already tried a lot of weight loss methods, the HCG weight loss program is the miracle cure for you.

When you decide on this weight loss method, you will discover that it works in an easy and simple way. When you follow the HCG weight loss method, you will be instructed to consume fatty foods in your first 2 days of beginning the HCG drops for weight loss. You can also opt for the HCG hormone injections that will be done daily. The process will jump start your body metabolism and will set the HCG level.

The consumption of fatty foods will help you deal with the hunger pains that you will encounter as you go through the process. You should load your body fats for 2 days correctly so you could lose a significant amount of weight in just your first week. You can lose a minimum of 1 pound up to 1.5 pound every day. This is an amazing result consider that it is just your first week. After your first week, you will lose at least ½ pound up to 1 pound every day.

The HCG weight loss program is truly effective as it does what it promises. You can already see the results you long for in just the first week of following the method. Starting from your third day of taking the HCG hormone, you will be allowed to take in 500 calories per day. These calories shall only be coming from particular kinds of food. The diet plan should be followed strictly so you can expect for the best outcome.

You can consider consuming one apple, five ounces of chicken, one orange, one half of a cucumber, two cups of spinach and five ounces of ground beef that must be extremely lean. The use of oil or butter in cooking the meat is also extremely discouraged. You will only be allowed to use the sugar contained in any seasonings.

The diet plan that allows you to consume only 500 calories will take 21 days. After that, you will move on to the maintenance stage of the diet. This phase is essential and crucial, so you have to be particular with it. In your first 3 days in thisphase, you will stillhave to followthe 500-calorie diet, butyou will stoptakingthe HCG hormone. After these 3 days, you will be allowed to consume any amount of foods for as long as they do not contain starch or sugar. This process will take up to 3 weeks.

During this phase, you will have to weigh yourself every day so you can be sure that you are not gaining over 2 pounds compared to your last HGG hormone intake weight. In the event that you gained over 2 pounds, you will have the so-called “steak day”. Basically, you will not be allowed to eat anything until dinner. In the dinner, you can consume a large steak that is cooked in butter or oil with either a raw tomato or an apple. You must be under the 2-pound limit again by the following day. When you completed the maintenance phase for 3 weeks, you are allowed to introduce starch and sugar back to your food slowly.